Mediterranean Diet Seminars and Workshops.

Are you excited to learn more about the practical aspects of Mediterranean cooking and eating? Or want to provide an educational seminar which encompasses diet and lifestyle for your organisation or group? Two Greek Girls are excited to offer a range of Mediterranean Diet seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations for big and small groups.

Desi and Lisa are engaging and professional speakers who have a wealth of experience to share in Dietetics and Nutrition. In addition, they are both as the name suggests “two Greek girls.” They heartwarmingly share their lived experiences of Greek culture and lifestyle.

The result is a fun, dynamic, eye-opening and warm workshop, seminar or cooking demonstration. An event where food, culture, community, lifestyle and health and wellbeing are very much centre stage! You might find them running a cooking demonstration, addressing a large crowd, or educating small groups on Mediterranean concepts of health and wellbeing. Whatever format, Two Greek Girls pride themselves on delivering a fun, engaging and inspiring event.

So how can your company, organisation or social group share in the fun with Two Greek Girls Cooking? Check out more about our seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations.

mediterranean diet seminars and workshops

Mediterranean Diet Corporate Seminars

We know that healthy employees are happy employees. Promoting a healthy workplace is a great idea to help your staff be more productive and engaged. The Mediterranean Diet is accessible for the whole family, and is a proven lifestyle choice for those who want to look great, feel good, and live longer! Desi and Lisa offer a dynamic insight on how to implement the Mediterranean Diet in a practical workshop format. They also offer small group onsite cooking demonstrations which includes lunch for your staff. Your attendees will understand:

  • The health benefits of the scientifically proven Mediterranean Diet and
    how the Med diet prevents and treats chronic disease, improved immunity, manage depression and improve longevity of life.
  • They will come away feeling confident to get in the kitchen and start preparing delicious Mediterranean food.

The Mediterranean Diet is actually more than a diet, it is a lifestyle. It incorporates the principles of self-care, community, sustainability and activity as well as healthy eating. For further information about our approach to corporate seminars, download our Corporate Seminar Proposal PDF.

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Currently Two Greek Girls offer a 60 minute seminar or cooking demonstration for $550.00 plus G.S.T. Or for a tailored seminar, simply get in touch with us.

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Mediterranean Nutrition Workshops

Want a practical understanding of how to implement the Mediterranean diet into everyday life? Learn how to eat, shop and cook the Mediterranean way with Two Greek Girls. Our Mediterranean Nutrition Workshops are far from your typical diet seminar. We unpack the latest trends and bust some myths around the barrage of dietary information out there. As well, we present the evidence about what is good, sensible eating. We also take you through a cooking demonstration of our favourite food.

A typical workshop might include:

  • Nutrition and nourishing your body
  • Shaping up for the Christmas cheer
  • Gluten Free and FODMAP free life
  • Mediterranean living and our 10 Mediterranean Eating ground rules

Our workshops are all about fun! We share great food, good information and a few laughs along the way. Plus, you get to share the experience with like minded people – so you may even make a friend or two!

Generally these sessions run for 2-3 hours and are quite relaxed. You don’t need to be an ongoing client to take advantage of a workshop, and you can also bring a friend. All welcome!

For more information on upcoming seminars, connect with us! Or if you’d like to organise a workshop like this for your organisation or group, reach out to us via email at

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Mediterranean Cooking Demonstrations

The Two Greek Girls (Dietitians Desi Carlos and Lisa Peterson) offer cooking demonstrations bimonthly on how to cook Mediterranean in an easy, tasty and nutritious way by incorporating their 10 Ground rules for the Mediterranean diet.

Taking traditional recipes along with their family classics and modifying them to meet the nutritional requirements of the Australian population without compromising taste while demonstrating the ease of preparing these healthy, tasty, easy and cost effective meals that the whole family will enjoy.

For more information on upcoming cooking demonstrations, connect with us!

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Mediterranean Diet Expo

Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle at our annual Mediterranean Diet Expo. Held in Brisbane each year, this event is dedicated to showcasing the health benefits and lifestyle changes for a Mediterranean way of life!

Hosted by Desi and Lisa with an impressive list of guest speakers from health and lifestyle industries. As well as local producers and businesses who emulate the Mediterranean lifestyle. Plus great food and oodles of fun! Held at The Greek Club in Brisbane, we can’t wait to see you there this year!

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