Two Greek Girls Coffee Table Book (200 page, hard cover )


About Mediterranean Eating

Mediterranean Eating – Cook Eat Live Book includes extensive, reader friendly research around the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet in increasing your longevity and reducing your risk of heart disease, Alzheimers, dementia and cancers.
Have access to our easy to implement ‘Two Greek Girls Ground Rules’ which are guidelines that allow you to practically implement each aspect of the Mediterranean diet to reap the health benefits. Our hard copy book also includes a 1500cal, 1800cal and 2000cal weekly meal plan that includes some of our recipes as well as snack and breakfast options that teach you how to balance your Mediterranean guidelines.
As well as all of this, our book includes 60+ recipes that have been modified from family favourites to have lower calories, carbohydrate, sugar and sodium as well as saturated fat. All our recipes are analysed to show you their kilojoules, carbohydrate, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat and sodium content per serve and per 100g. We have also included allergen information to make it easy for you to decide which are suitable for your family and friends.
On top of all of this our recipes taste delicious and are super nutritious for everyone to enjoy !

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