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Grilled Saganaki

By 10/09/2018 July 17th, 2019 Recipes
grilled saganaki

Grilled Saganaki is one of the most popular Greek cheese appetizers. You will find it on the menu in most Greek restaurants. Now by reading the title you would think that ‘Grilled Saganaki” means grilling of Saganaki which you would assume to be the cheese. However, Saganaki refers to Greek dishes prepared in a two handled heavy bottomed frying pan called a ‘saganaki’ or ‘sagani’. Saganaki cheese is usually kefalograviera and is fried and eaten hot. It forms a gorgeous, crispy crust on the outside and just requires a squeeze of lemon to finish it off.

Kefalograviera, what a mouthful! (No pun intended). It is made of 100% sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk. It is aged for 3 months before being available to sell.

Where can I find kefalograviera?

You might be asking, ‘where on earth do I find this cheese!’ We are so lucky here in Brisbane to have a variety of amazing Greek Delicatessens who will stock Kefalograviera. We must warn you, if you walk into a Greek Deli just for Kefalograviera, you will most certainly walk out with a lot more than that! We have also found that Woolworths in fact sells Kefalograviera too! Follow this link to see what you would be looking for https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/ProductDetails/710068/greek-kefalograviera

Grilled Saganaki can be used as a side dish or even to add an extra flavour to your cheese boards for those cheese and wine nights we SO love! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try adding some caramelised figs to your dish.

saganaki at Hellenika

Little more than a squeeze of lime or lemon required to enjoy this delicious cheese. Enjoyed at Hellenika Restaurant, Nobby Beach.

Grilled Saganaki


  • 1 packet of kefalograviera cheese – cut into triangles
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • ¼ cup flour
  • Water


  1. Cut kefalograviera into thin strips
  2. Dip cheese in water, and coat with a thin layer of flour
  3. Barbecue or pan-grill kefalograviera in a non-stick pan on a high heat until soft
  4. Squeeze lemon juice on top

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