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Finally Kick Those Crazy Diets to the Curb!

By 12/08/2019 October 17th, 2019 Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Are the latest fad diets leaving you weary, deprived and hungry? Do you want a simple solution to looking good, losing weight and improving your health and longevity? Brisbane dietitians and nutritionists Lisa Peterson and Desi Carlos explain the simple dietary advice which could save your health. Embracing an easy, proven and delicious Mediterranean Diet.

Enjoy healthy eating, and stick to it.

What if we told you that we could show you how to eat, live and sustain a diet that has been voted number one in the world?

What if we told you that this diet has been proven time and time again to prevent and manage inflammatory markers in your body? To improve chronic disease risk, mental health disorders, gut health and more.

And what if we told you this diet can be easy, delicious and inexpensive!

Well here we go. This is exactly what we, Two Greek Girls Cooking, Lisa and Desi want to bring to you and your families. We have worked in private practice as dietitians and nutritionists for over a combined 35 years and have seen far too many fad diets come and go, leaving in their trail disheartened, frustrated and confused individuals.

The Mediterranean way of living and eating is an all-inclusive, balanced, easy and sustainable way of nourishing your bodies with delicious food. We want to show you how to enjoy eating and take it right back to basics, without the latest super food or marketing technique.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

In essence the Mediterranean Diet is quite simple –

  • Eat an adequate amount of vegetables and fruit
  • Consume an appropriate intake of wholegrain breads and cereals
  • Have less red meat and more white meat and fish or seafood
  • Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Avoid processed and refined foods

Through applying the above basic guidelines, our patients feel satisfied, can achieve a weight loss (if desired) in a way that feels non-restrictive and is sustainable, feed their gut bacteria and can be flexible with eating out and socialising.

Did you know that through consuming adequate vegetables, fruit and wholegrains and in turn consuming adequate fibre, your gut microbia will be optimised? This means a proven reduction in overall physical inflammation will be achieved. In very basic terms,this is, just one of the very reasons why the Mediterranean Diet when compared to the Western Diet is so successful in achieving positive health outcomes.

Mediterranean diet books with meal plans and lifestyle tips

We believe in the benefits of this lifestyle so much, that we have put together Mediterranean diet books with meal plans. Plus, we pack in lots of inspiring health info and tips. We want you to understand the ease and sustainability of cooking and living the Mediterranean way.

Due to such positive feedback from our original book – Mediterranean Eating, we have decided to release our second book – The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating. Our second edition book encompasses mindful eating, family meals, and enjoyment around foods. Research shows all this leads to a lower intake overall and less non-hungry eating. This is important to reduce stress around eating and meal times as well as great strategies for weight maintenance.

Restrictive diets are not the answer

What we know is that restriction around eating often follows a period of overeating. Through use of fats, fibre, protein the Mediterranean Diet provides satisfaction with eating. There is an emphasis on herbs, spices, garlic and onion throughout our guidelines and recipes to not only provide flavour to our dishes but also because research shows they have anti-inflammatory properties when consumed.

Unlike some diets, we recommend reduced fat or low fat dairy where possible. We know that the sugar content is in fact not a concern when comparing full fat to low fat options. Our recipes and recommendations include a variety of dairy including milk, cheeses and of course Greek yoghurt. All of which ensure appropriate calcium and protein intake as well as contributing to our probiotic intake and feeding our gut bacteria.

Come along to our book launch!

The Mediterranean Diet: The Lifestyle of Eating is launching at our annual Mediterranean Diet Expo held in Brisbane on October 27, 2019. This is going to be a fantastic day, and we hope you’ll join us. It’s a day where we really put the Med diet under the microscope. We examine the huge benefits to your health, gathering prominent health experts for their insight. Plus we teach you how to cook, eat and shop Mediterranean!

The above information is only a brief explanation of some of the amazing areas we cover both in our book and at our Expo. We would love for you to join us on our journey in educating the greater population how to eat enjoyable, sustainable, evidenced based guidelines around their food choices.

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy eating a variety of foods, without a feeling of restriction or guilt and in a way that is sustainable and of course will assist in positive health outcomes for their life. See you there!

(Or if you aren’t able to get to Brisbane, you can pre-order this book now from anywhere in Australia – and we can ship it from October 8, 2019).

Want to know the ground rules for Mediterranean eating?

ground rules for a healthy mediterranean dietDownload our FREE reference guide.


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